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Business Security

Small business computer security is essential to protecting your company from viruses, spyware, hackers, and other threats. To ensure you’re fully protected, you should begin by matching your current and future security needs to the required security technologies. Start with an inventory of the small business computer security technologies already in place. Are all of your computers protected by antivirus software? Are all mobile laptops as well as stationary desktops protected by firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), and intrusion prevention? Do all your security tools communicate with one another? Taking a small business computer security inventory should help you identify potential protection gaps. Make a list of all your information assets and how they’re accessed. This helps determine how many layers of protection your small business computer security system needs. For example, which of your networked assets—such...

Home Virus Removal

You've probably heard about the increase in computer viruses being shared across email and through the Internet. Many people end up frozen in fear, vowing to never click another link or open another attachment again. But the threat of viruses doesn't have to stop you from getting the most out of your computer. The team at DuncanWorks can protect your computer from harmful viruses, spam, and malware. We can guide you on best practices for avoiding future virus threats. And if you do happen to get infected, we can quickly step in to clean up and undo anything that the virus may have done to your system. Life is always better with a Helping Hand! ...

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