Cloud Services

Cloud services are an inexpensive way for small and medium size business to have all the solutions that large enterprise companies have.


Managed Service ProviderITWatch – We remotely monitor hardware and software, virus detection, and weekly maintenance to your computer everyday without fail. Its like an IT Tech that never sleeps.

Cloud Backup – Backup your data to an off site server. Set it once and forget about it, until you need the data. If anything happens to your physical location you can easily retrieve important documents that could have otherwise been lost.

Cloud Email – Provides all the benefits of an In-House Email server without all the cost and technical trouble. Get access to features like archiving your email, calendar sharing, contact sharing and many more features.

Spam Filtering – Tired of spending half your time searching through spam? Do you ever find important mail in your spam folder? Wouldn’t it be nice if you got a report daily of what spam you got and options to change where it goes? Now you can with a specialized filter.

Below is a short video explantion of Cloud Services. If you have any questions or would like to see how the Clound network can save your company time and money, contact us today!


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